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Thaurac Via Ferrata

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Located near Nîmes and Montpellier, The Thaurac Via Ferrata is a wonderfull experience for novice and advanced adventurers. Above the Herault Gorges, at the Cevennes foothills , this superb itinerary equipped by the Herault Valley Guide Office is ideal for an unusual and experienced journey.  It will lead you in an exceptional mineral universe, specific to the Gard and Cevennes geology. Herault valley Office Guide challenge you to try this superb route perfect for a full day activity but which can be divided into 2 parts: chimney + zip line or pierced balm + pillar. Whatever your choice, it still a perfect way to discover the massif.


Rates : 35€ 30€ 23€

  •  Shuttle : 7km, 15 min from Ganges
  • Approach : 20 min walking in the woods
  •  way back to cars : 25 min walking down a path and road
  •  Duration : 2.5 hours
  •  Distance : 300m
  •  Altitude change: 80m

Level : facile Total duration : 1/2 journee bon cadeaux réservation

Strengths Thaurac Via Ferrata

  • possibility of 2 half day trips
  • many varieties and ways out
  • it is possible to be done during the sunset time


The Thaurac via feratta can be entirely explored in one journey includind 5 activity hours. It can also be divided in two parts each includind 2.5 activity hours. 

In this case, we suggest you an half-journey  composed of : 

- A first section with rock pipes, little abseiling ropind down to a Tyrolean. The way back is crossing the "Waller cave", climbind above an impressive caveroom, escaping by abseiling on a spider rope (15m). 

- A second section with the crossing of the "Leaky Basalm" and its rope bridge. It lead to the climbing of the "Tiger Basalm" great rock pillar. The next step is the crossing of the Impasse Basalm by using a Nepalese bridge. It will bring you on the Thaurac plateau. There you will end the section by abseiling down along the "Sunshine Basalm" (30m long).



The appointement is setted up the morning, close to 9:00 or in the afternoon, close to 13:30, at the Guides Office, 15 place des Halles, 34190 GANGES.

An appointement can exceptionaly be setted up at the "Grotte des Demoiselles" car park, the morning close to 9:30, or the afternoon, close to 14:00.

During summer because of heat and direct sunlight, we can exceptionnaly suggest this activity during the evening. In this case, the appointement is setted up close to 18:30, at Office Guides or close to 19:00 at the "Grotte des Demoiselles" car park.

After preparing equipements, each participant drive his own car to the site. Be carefull : the car park is not supervised. (keep valuables out of cars. If needed, we can secure them into the Guides Office). Once the car park reached, we prepare our backpack an equipements. Then we walk down along a little path for 20 minutes to reach the begining of the journey.

Each Activity goes on 2.5 hours on average, and the way back to cars is 25 minutes long for the 1st section, and 15 minutes long for the 2nd.

From Ganges, take the road head to Montpellier

Go Straight on Saint Bauzille de Putois.

Then leave the main road and turn left, torward "Grotte des Demoiselles". The road goes up on 1.5 miles and reach the "Grotte des Demoiselles" car park.

The rendezvous point is located on the 2nd car park, close to the General council panel.


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Thaurac Via Ferrata

Thaurac Via Ferrata

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