Activities Cascades Orgon in its entirely

Orgon Waterfall in its entirely

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The guides of the Hérault Valley offers to share with you this exceptional adventure: Orgon's waterfalls full descent.

It is a long course. We need to shuttle between the starting and the ending points(25km).

The first part is more vertical (with abseils) and the second part is more aquatic and fun. Going down this canyon will be quite an adventure. During this day, you will be fully immersed into the Parc National des Cévennes natural and exceptional atmosphere.

Rates : 55€ 50€ 40€

  •  Shuttle : 55km, 1hour from Ganges
  • Approach : 5 min
  •  way back to cars : 15 min walking in the woods
  •  Duration : 6 hours
  •  Distance : 2000m
  •  Altitude change: -550m

Level : sportif Total duration : 1 jour bon cadeaux réservation

Strengths Orgon Waterfall in its entirely

  • full route, wild and varied
  • 1st part: 8 abseils of which two of 35 meters, under waterfalls
  • 2nd part: aquatic and fun [described in Cascades d'Orgon]


Located in the Cevennes National Parc, Orgon waterfalls in its entirely is one of the most beautifull Aigoual massif canyons !

With a total of some 12 watterfalls in the program, includind two of them 35m high, this chain of various sequences very popular in Gard and Herault. Don't miss 3 huge jumps and the famous Icare toboggan throwing yourself 3m down straight in an "emerald pot".

This sunny canyon is practicable from early season until mid july. After that, in  the upper section, the flow is not strong enough to be fun.



The rendezvous point is setted up close to 9:00, at the Guides Office, 15 place des Halles, 34190 GANGES. If you come from Vigan, we can directly arrange an appointement in front of "Intermarché" at Vigan, close to 10:00. In that case, you should before submit informations (height and weight) to the Guides Office to bring the suitables clothes and equipement from Ganges. 

Once dressed up, Each participant take his own car to get on the site. Be carefull : the car park is not supervised. (keep valuables out of cars. If needed, we can secure them into the Guides Office). A car will be left close to the departure from a bridge, and the whole group will reach the Minier pass, before to walk untill Orgaon waterfall. 

We dress the entire equipement and begin the climbing down by a chaine of little abseilings. The first part of the journey is mainly composed of waterfalls we will climb down by abseling. After 3 activity hours, you will reach a suspend basin, (wich is the departure of Orgon's waterfall) where we should have lunch.(picnic).

The second part of the journey is composed of toboggans and tow abseilings 15m long. You wil have to cross various  obstacles (jumps, abseils, toboggans, rocks...) between walks, in a wild and preserved surrounding. 

The entirely canyon last 6 hours. We find back our cars after a little walk.




From Ganges, take the road toward Le Vigan. 

once reached Pont d'Hérault, take the road to the left and follow Le Vigan.

Cross Le Vigan and take the road D48 to the right toward Mont Aigoual.

Nearby, on your left is a supermarket, "Intermarché", were the rendezvous poinr is usually setted up.

From there, continue driving toward Le Vigan on 12 km.

The car park is located in front of a hairpin bend, were we will park a car for the driving back. 

Continue driving on D48 toward Col du Minier. Then leave the road and take the D548 toward Cascades d'Orgon (20km shuttle). 


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