Activities Canyon Aumessas

Canyon Aumessas

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The Aumessas Canyon, in the heart of Cevennes, will satisfy the incredible landscapes, nature and adventure lovers.

Wild and out-of-the-way, this remarkable canyon offers abseils underneath waterfalls, going down between natural pink granite pools.

The guides from the Herault Valley invite you to discover this superb canyon descent located in Gard. Outdoor activity lovers will succumb to its charm.

Rates : 55€ 50€ 40€

  •  Shuttle : 35km, 40 min from Ganges
  • Approach : 45 min walking in the woods
  •  way back to cars : 15mins walking down in the woods
  •  Duration : 3-4h
  •  Distance : 1000m
  •  Altitude change: -369m

Level : moyen Total duration : 1 jour bon cadeaux réservation

Strengths Canyon Aumessas

  • wild and out-of-the-way
  • technical canyon with a lot of abseils of which two of 55 meters


Climbing Down the Aumessas canyon, it is adventuring through Cevennes unordinary and idyllic landscape. This Canyon is a chain of basins, linked by jumps and funny toboggans. 

Granite blocks draw a wonderfull landscape. Waterfall curtain and Geyser follows one after another for the greatest delight of all. 



The rendezvous point is setted up close to 10:00, at the Guides Office, 15 place des Halles, 34190 GANGES.

If needed, we can directly arrange an appointement in front of the former train station of Aumessas, close to 10:30. In that case, you should before submit informations (height and weight) to the Guides Office to bring the suitables clothes and equipement from Ganges. 

Once dressed up, Each participant take his own car to get on the site. 

A car have to be parked on a road close to the route end, 5km from the departure. 

After preparing backpack and equipement, We walk toward Montlovier and then toward Vernèdes (45min). Once there, we reach the river in 5 min. 

We picinic there, before begining the climbing down of the going-canyon, 5 hours long. Are chaining jumps, waterfalls, abseiling of every highs (3m to 55m) on the marvelous pink granite rocks. 

Journey ends by a little walk 15 min long, to go back on the road where a car is parked to ensure the shuttle back.


From Ganges, take the road toward Le Vigan.

At Pont d'Herault, take the road to the left and follow Le Vigan.

Cross Le Vigan and take the D999 road toward Alzon

After 13 km, leave the main road and take the road D232 to the right toward Aumessas

There, we park a car close to the former train station

We go on along the D299a Road. Once reached a crossroad, turn left on the uphill road toward Travers. After 2 hairpin bends, close to the little bridge before Travers, take the little road on the left. 

Park your car beside the road. 


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