Activities Bramabiau Canyoning

Bramabiau Canyoning

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Located on the top of Mont Aigoual, the stream of Bonheur disappears underground and back out "L'Abîme de Bramabiau". The torrent slide down on the Atlantic side of the massif of Aigoual and tumbles to its confluence with the Trevezel. 

Ideal playground for practitioners canyoning, the first part of the descent consisted of walking in the river, jumps and small slides, before reaching the final with his spectacular jumps, vertiginious slides and its hidden cave behinf curtain  of the torrent. 

This descent into the Cévennes National Park is restricted (limited in size and number and practice is prohibited on Tuesdays and Thursdays).




Rates : 45€ 40€ 37€

  •  Shuttle : 55km, 1h hour and 15 min from Ganges
  • Approach : 10 minwalking along the river
  •  way back to cars : 15mins walking up
  •  Duration : 2.5 hours
  •  Distance : 800m
  •  Altitude change: -100m

Level : facile Total duration : 1 jour bon cadeaux réservation

Strengths Bramabiau Canyoning

  • Canyoning ideal for initiation : sunny and fun 
  • Obstacles circumvented 
  • Little abseils of 10m, a lot of slides and jumps


Bramabiau canyon is set in the Cevennes National Parc. The guides have to follow a strict regulation to preserve it. Visitors and groups are daily limited, and the canyon is closed every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bramabiau canyon is divided in two parts. The first one is an aquatic trekking. The second one, much craggier, is a mix of obstacles in a way down. Jumps follow toboggans and little abseiling in a wonderful surrounding, sun-drenched.

More technical then an aquatic trekking, but easier than Orgon or Tapoul’s waterfall, this journey is particulary suited to family activites or novice greedy to discover canyoning.


The rendezvous point is setted up the morning close to 10:00, at the Guides Office, 15 place des Halles, 34190 GANGES. If you come from Vigan, we can directly arrange an appointement at Camprieu village’s entrence, close to 11:00. In that case, you should before submit informations (height and weight) to the Guides Office to bring the suitables clothes and equipement from Ganges. 

Once dressed up, each participant take his own car to get on the site. Be carefull : the car park is not supervised. (keep valuables out of cars. If needed, we can secure them into the Guides Office).

There, we dress the entire equipement a walk to the river (10 min). 

Toboggans, swimming, jumps and abseilings succeed for 2.5 to 3 hours. You can get around or cross again each obstacle. After the last toboggan, we leave the river walk up along a road to find back cars.




From Ganges, take direction to Le Vigan.

At "Pont de l'Hérault" go straight and always follow Valleraugue.

Cros Valleraugue and turn right towards Mont Aigual.

After crossing the Espérou continue towards Aigoual.

Arriving at the right Seyrrerede ignore the road that goes towards the Aigoual and go straight towards Camprieu.

Appointment in front of the football field.

That should please you too!

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