Between caving and canyoning, going down barrancos will have you experienced a fun and surreal universe. Long abseiling and fun walking from rock to rock, it is a unique experience and you will be thrilled. « Barrancos » means dry canyon in Spanish. Carved by furious torrents, settled down since glaciers disappeared, then dried up because of ground water infiltration, the barrrancos offer incredible shapes and unique luminosity. We invite you to go down these dry canyons, abseiling, walking and climbing. Accessible all year long, the barrancos lead you a strange and original universe through climbing and canyoning. The activity takes place in spectacular sites and perfect for discovering Saint Guihlem le Désert and le Cirque de Navacelles.

Barrancos Navacelles Canyon

Level : moyen

Navacelles Canyon

Navacelles adventure route: do you feel like going down a canyon? but you think it is too cold to get wet... No problem. The guides from the Herrault Valley will have pleasure to guide you in their favorite barrancos between Gard and...

1.00 jour / - from 40€

Barrancos St Guilhem le Désert canyon

Level : moyen

St Guilhem le Désert canyon

St Guilhem Adventure: snuggled up at the bottom of le Cirque du Bout du Monde (End of the World Cirque), overlooking St Guilhem le Désert village, this old breathtaking and wild canyon, will charm anybody looking for adventure in...

1.00 jour / - from 45€


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